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Advanced Progressive Lenses (PAL)

Today's wide range of sophisticated Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) won't reveal your age and will restore your natural vision.

Today's Progressive Lens designs are customized to fit your specific prescription taking into account all the specific parameters of your vision requirements.

New PAL lenses are also built for durability and superior scratch resistance – providing great value.

About Varilux Lenses

Wearer testing sets Varilux lenses apart.

Since 2006, Varilux has invested over $1.2 billion in research and development – more than their top four competitors combined. Patented LiveOptics™ process puts you first, combining the latest research with wearer testing. It’s a process unique to Varilux, designed to discover how people really see, so that they can help give you the most natural vision possible.
Human Vision
Scientists explore the eye-brain link by drawing on research in optics and physiology.
Varilux Virtual Reality
This step allows Varilux lens designs to be virtually tested BEFORE real-world testing.
Data is transformed into optical designs using 3D Wavefront optimization technology.
Prototype lenses are created then measured to ensure conformity to the design.
Wearer Testing
Lenses are tested by wearers to validate performance.